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Kathryn "Kay" Jackson, MN, CNM, ARNP


owner & midwife

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Kay has been practicing midwifery for over 28 years and was a Labor & Delivery nurse for 10 years prior to that, including her military service. She offers individualized services to just a few families per month at either The Birthing Inn or St. Joseph Medical Center. She is an expert in safe practice with water birth, VBAC in the hospital setting, and facilitating the use of hypnosis during labor and birth. If needed, Kay can accompany and admit a laboring individual to the hospital and continue midwifery care there.

Care with Kay

Kay also offers care as a Nurse Practitioner with a special interest in evaluating your genetic influence on medications and supplements commonly used for mood stabilization. She can work alongside a therapist or PCP to find safe, effective, treatments for those times when life becomes difficult. Kay is committed to making sure annual exams and the evaluation of issues that arise during the year are taken care of in a person-centered, relaxed, and sensitive way.

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With You for a Lifetime

The voices of midwives and their clients join together in continuing work toward broader options, fewer
interventions, and maintaining safety in childbirth.

Every pregnant woman needs a midwife like Kay! She is extremely knowledgeable and gentle in her practice making you feel confident and comfortable. During labor she became like a mama bear to me... She protected, supported and fought for me which contributed to my successful VBAC. I can not put into words how thankful I am for her!

-Autumn 2019 Off the Grid Client

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