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Cedar "Ce" Durfee, MSN, CNM, ARNP, CLC

They/Them/Theirs & He/Him/His

Associate midwife& Lactation Counselor

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Ce is a non-binary parent, spouse, doula, lactation counselor, nurse, midwife and nurse practitioner. Ce grew up in a military family and has over 13 years of experience in birth work and community support. Ce holds an MSN in Nurse-Midwifery from Frontier Nursing University, BSN from Dominican College of Blauvelt, BS​ in Community & Human Services: Health Care Management and AS in Interdisciplinary Studies from SUNY Empire State College. Ce is Certified Lactation Counselor and Nurse Lactation Education Specialist providing judgment-free education, care, & support to all families. Prior education also includes having completed the Child Development Associate credential and graduating from FCI in New York City, Jacques Torres' Baking & Pastry Arts program.

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Care with Ce

Ce has given birth at home three times and nursed for a total of 4.5 years. Having a doula and midwives at their own births had a profound effect on Ce and is what started them on the path from early childhood education and child development to birthwork: first as a doula and midwife assistant, then as a lactation counselor, RN, and Nurse Lactation Specialist, and finally as a nurse-midwife and nurse practitioner. Ce wanted to be able to share that same knowledge, comfort, and support that they received from their midwives as a birthing parent with other parents whether birthing at home, birth center, or hospital. Ce has always felt that pregnancy was a very special time of our lives and is blessed to be a part of so many families' experiences. Ce provides evidence-based, person-centered, family-centered midwifery care.

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With You for a Lifetime

The voices of midwives and their clients join together in continuing work toward broader options, fewer
interventions, and maintaining safety in childbirth and throughout the lifespan. Healthcare is a human right.

Kay and Ce are a wonderful team! I met Kay at around 20 weeks because she is the only midwife who is enrolled with TriCare (at least the only midwife I could find around here), so even though my “options were limited”, I felt super excited to leave my previous midwife and transition to Kay’s care. And I’m SO happy I did! Kay later brought in Ce towards the end of my pregnancy and his presence made for an even better experience. Both Kay and Ce are phenomenal humans and Stacey, the office goddess, is one of the most mellowing people in the world. I loved waiting and hanging out with her!

Kay, Ce, and Stacey will all make you feel so loved and supported the entire time. I had a very long and very difficult labor that ended up needing a cesarean. I was transferred to Saint Joe’s where Kay was still able to bring our baby boy into the world. I’m so thankful for my experience with Off The Grid and will always find a way to support this team of incredible people!

-Summer 2021 Off the Grid Client

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