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Primary Care
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Family Planning
Annual Exams
Preconception Advice

When they're not catching babies, Kay enjoys her role as nurse practitioner (ARNP) skilled at providing sensitive annual exams. Yours may or may not include a Pap smear and breast/chest exam or decisions about treating problems like painful periods, pain with sex, desire to get pregnant, or desire to prevent pregnancy. 


Preconception counseling deserves its own appointment, as this is where we do a nutrition review and full health history to make sure you're taking enough folate and other important nutrients before pregnancy, as well as look into any family history that might make genetic testing worth considering.

Kay says, "One of the aspects of my work I've become ever more interested in is helping people figure out how to manage symptoms that come with life in all its stages."


  • depression


  • pelvic pain

  • contraceptive management and IUD placement

  • guidance of medication decisions with genetic testing

  • hot flashes

  • vaginal discomfort/infections/pain

  • polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

  • and a LOT of other stuff.


Make a Family Planning appointment with insurance or pay-as-I-go

Make a Preconception appointment with insurance or pay-as-I-go


Your Changing Hormones...

The transition from one stage in life to another is a powerful one. Needs change from preventing or planning pregnancy to learning what your always-changing body is signaling with each new set of symptoms. Your annual appointment may include:

Evaluation of symptoms

Evaluation of hormone status as it relates to age or gender identity

Evaluation of family history

Creation of your health treatment plan for the year and in years to come:


  • Continued PAP smears (or not)

  • Plan for breast/chest health surveillance and if this will include mammograms

  • Plan for bone health surveillance

  • Information about hormone replacement 

  • Supplements/prescription hormones

  • Cholesterol and thyroid screening, as well as other screenings that can be reported to each member of your health team



Make an Annual Health Appointment:

An annual exam with insurance or pay-as-I-go

Evaluate hormones/menopause with insurance or pay-as-I-go

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clinic location & numbers

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Office: (253) 509-2960 Fax: (306) 400-2735

Office manager & voicemail: (360) 633-9146

Secure e-Fax: (306) 400-2735 (Yes, the 306 area code is correct)

clinic hours

Monday: generally 11 am to 5 pm

Wednesday & Thursday: 10am - 5pm

Rescheduling and special accommodations made for babies' needs and yours

Virtual appointments available

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